Busy but fun answering questions

It got cooler these days as September approaches.

Was busy because it is the end of the 1st half of the fiscal year and I have to finish my MBO. I’ve finished almost of them, but there is a few remained undone. I want to finish them as much as possible until tomorrow, the last day of this period.

These days I get many questions from my colleagues, which I think means that I’ve obtained some degree of trust from others in this company. And come to think of it, in many cases I have answer to those questions or at least I know who to ask. It is really fun answering their questions.

I’m surprisingly talkative now in this position than when I worked for the previous company. I feel like I had changed my personality thoroughly after I worked for this company for a year. It is really an amazing change. I myself know it the best.

여러가지 것을 한 토요일

바람이 불고 있어서 기분이 좋은 밤이다.

일어난후 좀 한국어를 공부하고나서 베드민턴 연습에 갔다. 오늘은 7명 밖에 오지 않았어서 1면 밖에 필요없었다. 유모토씨는 언제나 온다 온다고 하고 있지만 오늘도 오지 않았다.

그것이 끝난후 직접 치과 의원에 가서 클리닝 처치를 받았다. 오늘은 아래의 이만 처치를 받았어서 다음주에 다시 가야 겠다.

저녁에 되어나서 청소를 한후 산발에 갔다. 그 이발소에 갔는 건 반년만이었다.

Going to swallow a gastric camera this year

As midnight passed, it got a little cooler.

There was an announcement from the health section that notified me the date of medical checkup this year. I’m going to take the test at Dec, 11th.

For this year, I decided to change the gastric test method from barium to an endoscopy test by a gastric camera. because I was very disgusted by agony of barium every year. I feel a little bit nervous because I’ve never swallowed one and some people had trouble swallowing them according to Internet articles.

Some people says it depends on the skill of the doctor in charge. I’m afraid but I think it’s nod bad to experience.

Gotta have a little rest

It is fine and hot.  It is like a height of summer, summer festivals all around.

Yesterday, I had a dull pain in my head, so I kind of slept all day except that I watched Olympic soccer game in the evening.  I don’t know if it’s a heatstroke or a cold from too much air conditioner.

I feel a bit better today, but it’s fortunate that I don’t have any plan to do sports this weekend.