An email I sent to Air China


I’m sorry for bothering you, but would you check your web ticketing system?

I’ve used your airline earlier in this month to travel from Japan to
China and I bought the ticket through your

When I checked in at the counter of Narita Airport, I was pointed out
that my ticket had been registered incorrectly on which they said my
surname and last name were in reverse order.   They said I could check
in here in Narita, but you might not be allowed to board at the
airport in China.

I’m sure that I had entered them correctly at your web site.

At your web site, the forms are in surname -> last name order.
However, in Japanese passports, they are in last name -> surname
order.   I think your ticketing system may be issuing tickets in
surname -> last name order, which disagrees with the order in

As a result, I had no trouble checking-in when coming back from China,
but I was very anxious when traveling and was frustrated because I had
to call your customer center and the airport to make sure that I could
be on board.

Thank you,


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