Took a gastrocamera examination for the first time

It’s cloudy.

Took a gastrocamera test for the first time in my life a day before yesterday.  And it was…


I had not thought it would be easy, but the pain I had gone through was beyond my imagination.  I had disgusting reflexes from my stomach and throat some times, and I couldn’t keep opening my eyes during the examination.   All I remember was the doctor’s voice saying “Please relax, ” and a nurse’s rubbing and tapping my shoulder trying to divert the pain.

When I had finished the examination, my cheek was all wet with tears.   I wept more than when I watched A.I. years ago.

I’m not sure which to choose next year, a gastrocamera or barium because I don’t like the latter, either.

What takes if you want to join someone you don’t know

It was fine.

In the morning, practiced English conversation.  I found that Google’s voice recognition technology might help me improve English pronunciation.  I would like to apply this method to my study from now on. 

In the night, went to play badminton at Ginza.  It was a gathering to which I went for the first time, but I knew many of them by sight.   I was shy as usual, but spontaneously joined them to play some games.  In a place like this, it is very important to display an attitude that you are eager to play games and it is efficient for you to proceed to the court just after a game has finished and wait for others to come.  

It takes a bit of courage and imprudence.

흥뚱항뚱 공부한 비오는 토요일

오늘은 하루종일 비가 내리고 있었다.

오후부터 활동을 시작해서 주로 중국어 공부를 했다. 하지만 집중하면서 했는게 아니라 도중에 낮잠을 자거나 인터넷을 하거나 흥뚱항뚱한 공부 이었다. 다음주에는 시험이 있는데, 정말 성실하지 못한 제…

Pain in my knee a night after the run

It rained heavily in the morning.

Just after I walked off from my bed in the morning, I felt keen pain in my right ankle. It was because I runned 15km last night despite of slight pain in my knee where I injured while playing futsal Sunday. I didn’t feel such keen pain last night, so I was surprised the pain amplified after one night.

It hurt a lot, so I put a Loxonin compress and went to work. It was difficult even to walk in the morning, but the pain eased little by little as time went by.

I want to go to play badminton tomorrow night and hope it will be ok by then.