Dinner at Pepper Lunch for free

It is a bit cool now in the night, after having hot and humid weather in the daytime.

In the afternoon, I cleaned my room and exercised the guitar. After that, went out to eat dinner at Pepper Lunch. Having collected 12 stamps on my stamp card, I ate a steak for free. It took maybe half a year or so collecting them.

By the way, it is so quiet that I feel like melting into the darkness. So peaceful I would feel.

Next week begins a 2-week-long testing period.

Lunch at Aoshima ramen


Went to eat ramen at lunch. Aoshima ramen, the ramen shop I went, was famous and usually people form a long line in front of it by noon so that I don’t feel like going in. But today, there were only 4 people sitting and waiting inside the shop, so I decided to line up to eat. It was within 10 minutes that I could get seated and ramen was served. It is one of the good points that you stay in the city during the Bon holidays, isn’t it?




Lunch at Ootoya

It is rainy.

Went to our partner’s office for a meeting with two colleagues.   It ended after noon and we decided to eat at a restaurant which resided in the same building.  

Ootoya is a famous restraunt chain which I had used many times in the past, but it was a while since I went to Ootoya the last time.   That Ootoya was spacious and had sophisticated atomosphere. 

The restaurant was crowded and we had to wait about 10 minutes to enter.   And it took another 15 minutes for them to prepare our meal after our placing the order.  

The meal itself was excellent and cheap for the quality, but I thought that it took too much time for lunch.