Mr.Kuriki’s challenge for Mt. Everest ended up as failure

Cool and nice autumn night.

These months, I had been keeping my eyes on Mr. Kuriki’s challenge to climb up to the top of Mt. Everest.

Today was supposed to be the summit day, but yesterday evening, I heard that he had a big trouble when he arrived at the point of 7800 meters above the sea level where he had deposited some of his equipment in advance. Food, gas and tent equipment was rifled by someone. According to him, the suspect was crows! As the result, he had no choice but to go down the mountain giving up the summit plan.

I was surprised to hear that. I didn’t know that crows can live at such high altitude.

How uncertain the world is as he had prepared this project for a long time raising a large amount of money, formed a team with camera and broadcasting crew, and spent more than 40 days at Everest to stand at the summit of it.

He knew that crows usually have an eye on the climber’s baggage and covered it with a mat and snow, but crows were enough clever to uncover and scrounge. Struggle for life is even more severe at thin-aired high altitude.

I’m looking forward to his next challenge.

Resistance of a child rejected by his parents

As a child, don’t you have an experience where you were scolded by your parents with the unreasonable reason you couldn’t understand at all?   They would usually say, “This world is rounding like that,” or “That is the common sense,” and we would always be forced to obey their opinion. Sometimes we would have to receive punishment from them.

Livedoor founder will serve time for fraud

I thought this judgement from the Supreme Court would be the same as this conflict between the child and the adult.

In general, the child would reluctantly accept these treatments from their parents, but this child (Mr. Horie) was different. He refused their parents’ opinion and made a do-or-die resistance against them as he wrote in his book,徹底抗戦.    And finally they are about to lock up this crying child into the dark closet by force.

What will happen as the result of this?

He would grow up as a child who don’t believe in his parents.   And what if he became very famous and had influence to the public?  His twitter followers count almost 700,000.



交通事故件数 [ 2008年第一位 香川県 ]|新・都道府県別統計とランキングで見る県民性 [とどラン]




事業仕分けは祭典か? – 閑話ノート

Excelでここまでできる統計解析―パレート図から重回帰分析まで Excelでここまでできる統計解析―パレート図から重回帰分析まで

日本規格協会 2007-09
売り上げランキング : 150182

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Have Japanese people abandoned the responsibility for the privatization of Japan Post ?

It is a cool night.
Japan Post’s president has resigned his post.  Media reported that the privatization of Japan Post would divert to another direction due to the decision made by the government. 
I don’t think it’s a good idea to change the policy because it will take additional cost and time to get the ball rolling again.   I’m sorry for the government officials being swayed by the policy of gorvernment of the time.
To me, it seems quite odd that Japanese citizens don’t say much regarding this even though they are the one who voted for the previous government that had advocated the privatization of Japan Post strongly.  Have they changed their mind?  I think not.   They apparently have resposibility.  Media won’t report this.

Election day

A typhoon is getting closer and the wind is getting stronger and stronger.   A little rain is falling on and off.
Went to vote in the morning.   It is said that this is the first election of "government selection" after the World War II and many people is expected to go to vote this time.  
Since don’t have a specific political party to support, usually decide for who/which party to vote by the election bulletin which is distributed to each household.   So did this time also, but as a result, didn’t vote for either of two main political parties.   That is because in the bulletin they didn’t write about their concrete policies but only attitude toward becoming the government.
Anyway am looking forward to seeing the result of this election tonight. 

Thank him indeed

It is cloudy and may rain.
Mr. Les Paul passed away yesterday.   I like Les Paul type guitars because of its shape.  They are solid-looking and in fact very heavy compared with other type of guitars.  Love this part first.
In addition, many guitar players I love plays the Les Paul like Tak Matsumoto, Slash, Zakk Wylde and Jimmy Page.  I love their sound.  Their natual sound is very warm and kind, but with boosters or over-drive effects, they become very agressive on the contrary.
I’m going to play my Les Paul guitar as usual.  Of cource by pentatonic scales.

P.S Considering the fact that he was alive just by yesterday, was kind of surprised that the history of the electric guitar was still short.  Think there is still a lot of possibility left on this instrument.