KPT in a while

It rained heavily and there was much lightning after I arrived at home. It was not intense and humid summer rain, but gentle and lonely autumn rain.

After experiencing heavy work during last week, my work load became loose this week. My schedule is almost blank this week, although I have something to do like documenting the result and the consideration on the last week’s test and working out a demonstration scenario for our products.

Working one more day will bring me a three-day weekend.

K: Concentrating my work.
P: I don’t have much connection with people in other divisions. It’s still my weakness when trying to resole difficult problems in this company.
T: Try to assert myself. Don’t care about others’ evaluation or whispering talks.


Busy but fun answering questions

It got cooler these days as September approaches.

Was busy because it is the end of the 1st half of the fiscal year and I have to finish my MBO. I’ve finished almost of them, but there is a few remained undone. I want to finish them as much as possible until tomorrow, the last day of this period.

These days I get many questions from my colleagues, which I think means that I’ve obtained some degree of trust from others in this company. And come to think of it, in many cases I have answer to those questions or at least I know who to ask. It is really fun answering their questions.

I’m surprisingly talkative now in this position than when I worked for the previous company. I feel like I had changed my personality thoroughly after I worked for this company for a year. It is really an amazing change. I myself know it the best.

Surprised at a sudden call from an ex-colleague

Too hot today, too.

I was in a testing laboratory all day to complete the preparation for making an auto-demo move. I felt relieved that I could manage to finish it because there was some trouble where I had to have some developers involved for troubleshooting.

By the way, I got a telephone call from one of my ex-colleagues. I haven’t heard from him for these 7 years or so, so I was very surprised knowing that he wanted to recruit me for his company.

I politely rejected his request, but this year surely is a year of reunion. I’m going to have a drinking party tomorrow with my ex-coworkers who joined the company in the same year and went to summer school in Michigan, US. In addition to that, I met an ex-coworker at an exhibition and another at one of the seminars of our company.

I don’t know why these happened this year, but things are going like this.

늦게까지 연습한 보람이 있었다

대풍의 하룻밤이 밝아, 오늘은 개져서 더워졌다.

아침에 출근할때 대풍의 영향때문에 전차가 횟수를 줄여서 운행했어서 너무 붐비어 있었다. 저는 계단에서 앞으로 전진할 수 없이 서 있는 사람들을 봐서 타기를 단념해서 다른 경로로 출근하기를 정했다.

오늘은 파트너 회사에서 제미나르가 있었고 저는 거기에서 데모를 담당했다. 어젯밤에 몇번이나 연습한 덕분에 잘 할 수 있었다. 기뻐졌다.

그러나 내일도 같은 제품의 데모의 사내 리뷰가 있다. 참가자의 성격부터가 오늘과 같이 잘 되지 않는 생각이 든다. 어떻게 되겠지, 뭐.

처음의 출장, 처음의 동북 지방

오늘 밤은 상당히 춥다. 저녁에는 눈이 왔다.

오늘은 이 회사로의 처음 출장이다. 특급으로 후쿠시마에 가야겠다. 동북 지방에 가는 것은 이것이 처음이다. 저기는 추울까? 눈이 있을까?

그런데 다음주도 할 일이 많다. 한 시간도 다른 예정을 들 수 없다.

Mystery of morning assembly has been solved

It is dark. Comfortable weather.

Today, a mystery has been solved.

My company holds a brief morning assembly every day. The MC is always the same person from the sales department. Since I entered this company in July, I didn’t catch what he says at the beginning of the meeting because he speaks so fast and unclear.

I talked one of my colleagues about this “mystery”, and he also said that he didn’t understand either. I tried to decode his words with full concentration every morning. To my ear, he seemed to be saying “来襲用意の連絡事項のある方?”(meaningless sentence)

But today, my colleague said to me after the meeting that he could finally understand what the MC had said. He seemed to be saying “来社および連絡事項のある方?”, which is understandable in terms of conversational flow. I thought it was the right answer and was relieved.

Gave a speech at a seminar

It is cool, a bit cold. I feel the beginning of winter.

Yesterday, I spoke at a seminar to explain our product. The number of the guests were about 20. I spoke so loud without a microphone in the large room that my voice became hoarse.

The speech went very well considering it was my first time. I got so excited for a change.

Maybe I will have many chances like this in future. It is important to be confident and speak loud.