Farewell and welcome party

Held a farewell and welcome party of the company.  Because they had all-you-can-drink&eat service, we concentrated on eating & drinking on the first half of the time.   I thought we should talk more about memory of the company or about the new comer.  But after we’ve eaten enough, conversation started and got into swing finally.

I lived today a lot

Had a very busy day.  Had planned to exercise the guitar, but I couldn’t make it to home that early.  Multiple tasks from multiple people.  I was almost overwhelmed.  I’m worried about next week when my colleague will go on a business trip.  Well, I would say I’m an optimist.  Things will work out fine.

Saw PS3

Went to a theater to see a movie, but there was a sign saying they were fully booked at the entrance.  Gave it up and went to an electric appliance shop where I saw PS3 first time.  This guy was playing a war simulation game.  Thought the image was spectacular though I’m not going to buy it.
It was raining and I could feel very cold air riding my bicycle. 

Last dental care for a while

Went to the dentist for the third time this year, the fourth in my life.   Today was for cleaning the upper tooth’s tartar.  He said the upper tooth had lesser tartar than the lower.   For now, the treatment was over and I don’t have to go to the dentist for a while. 

My spine

According to the X-ray examination, my spine seems to curve a little.  The doctor said it won’t fix.  The rest of the examination seemed to be quite good, but because of this little disorder, I got "B" grade, which is still temporary since not all of test result hasn’t been come out.